Pennsylvania Shoplifting Class May Have Helped Serial Shoplifter

by Mike Miller October 31, 2012
When all you want to do is shoplift so you can go back to jail you know you have a problem. Shoplifting is not only a crime, but for some it is an illness. Such is the case for one Pennsylvania man. Douglas DePugh already has spent almost 20 years of his life behind the walls of a prison. As report... [More]

Stripper Friend of Aroldis Chapman Needs Pennsylvania Theft Class

by Mike Miller July 14, 2012
Not wanting to sound biased, it might be best not to befriend an exotic dancer when you have thousands of dollars in jewelry and cash in your hotel room. This is true even for your favorite stripper! Cincinnati Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman defected to the United States from Cuba a couple of years a... [More]

Hershey Thief Needs Pennsylvania Theft Class

by Mike Miller May 13, 2012
How do you steal $300K from Hershey? It certainly would take a lot of bars and kisses. Nevertheless, it happened and here is how! A 45-year-old woman from Lebanon, Pa. was arrested in connection with the theft of more than $300,000 from her employer, Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Co. She is ... [More]

Panty Thief Should Have Sentenced Self to Pennsylvania Theft Class

by Mike Miller May 9, 2012
People steal the darndest things. For one Bridgeton, Pennsylvania Man his fetish was women’s panties. Jeffrey A. Lloyd, 44, was arrested and charged in connection with the theft of women's underwear over the past seven according to When questioned by police, Lloyd was found to have 1... [More]

Penn Cancer Center Ripped Off for $1 Billion?

by Mike Miller February 25, 2012
How do you steal $1 billion from a cancer research center? Simple – take their technology. The University of Pennsylvania's cancer research institute believes it's been ripped off to the tune of $1 billion. The center is pointing a finger at its former scientific director--a prestigious cance... [More]

Pennsylvania Theft Class Needed for Man Who Left Baby in Store

by Mike Miller February 17, 2012
I have said for years that people should have to pass some simple ethical test if they want to procreate. While I do not fully believe that, it seems like a day doesn’t go by where a parent proves totally unfit to have a child. Following is one such case. A man abandoned his baby girl on the ... [More]

ID Thief Needs Theft Class

by Mike Miller January 24, 2012
America has long been known as “The Land of Opportunity.” It has been a mecca for immigrants to settle and be free to make their own opportunity. For some, this is an opportunity to steal and rob. Such is the case of Sang-Hyun “Jimmy” Park. Park was the leader of an identity... [More]

This “Winner” Needs both Online Drug Class and Theft Class

by Mike Miller December 9, 2011
Drugs and theft – they do go hand-in-hand. I recently wrote that 83% of new inmates to prison test positive for some drug in their system when booked (2010 report). Theft is one of the stupid things people do when taking drugs. Take this guy for example. Angered he was cut from the basketbal... [More]

Flash Robs Need Theft Class

by Mike Miller October 27, 2011
“Flash Mobs” have become all the rage lately.  If you have not had the benefit if witnessing one, they are really quite amazing as a large group of people seemingly spontaneously, gather for a dance or two.  Flash mobs are cool, flash robs, are not! Retailers this holiday seas... [More]

Bridge Thieves Need Stop Theft Class

by Mike Miller October 23, 2011
In terms of bulk and size, this has to be one of the largest thefts in history. This theft takes stealing for scrap metal to a whole new level! How much do you think you could get if you ripped off and scrapped an entire bridge? Two brothers have been charged with stealing a western Pennsylvania b... [More]

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