Stealing From Kids Means You Need a Georgia Theft Class

by Mike Miller April 22, 2012

If you read my blog regularly, and I hope you do, you know there are thefts that really stick in my craw. Anyone who steals from children, the helpless and by those who have been entrusted to safeguard someone really tick me off.

Stealing from a PTA account certainly qualifies.

Tens of thousands of dollars have been stolen from the PTA and school foundation at E. Rivers Elementary School in Buckhead, Georgia. This according to So far no one has been arrested.

PTA authorities are being way too hush hush. They admit they have recovered $54K, but will not disclose the amount of the theft.

There is a lead and of course it is a parent with access to the account. Checks in excess of $20,000 were deposited into a bank account a person suspected in the theft worked at the bank.

How the PTA got these funds is unknown, however, the money never actually hit its account. The parent and bank employee intercepted the funds first.

The employee has since been canned!

This is not only criminal it is appalling. Why on Earth would a parent steal from her child and the future of our society. Hopefully they will get a Georgia theft class and some counseling to eradicate a problematic behavior.

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