Gang Thieves Need Online Theft Class

by Mike Miller September 6, 2011
Man how times have changed! You can look at virtually any aspect of society and notice the not-so-subtle differences between modern day society and times past. Have you ever heard of “flash mob” robberies? For some teenagers, the idea of joining a “flash mob” theft no doubt ... [More]

More Rotten Apples Need Theft Class

by Mike Miller September 2, 2011
They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Most fallen apples are rotten. Was it just yesterday that I blogged on this topic? Well here we go again – this time there are three rotten apples! Mom, Pop and Daughter Steal Together! Three family members from Pennsylvania were arres... [More]

When Friends Need a Theft Class

by Mike Miller August 25, 2011
There is really nothing more important than friends and family. A person who has close ties and strong relationships with friends and family is the lucky one. Life is all about close, interpersonal relationships. Trust I have always believed that never lie to anyone who trusts you, and never trust... [More]

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