Texas Theft Class is Next Step for Embezzler

by Mike Miller March 16, 2013
Anyone who ever has been stolen from knows how violated you can feel. This is never more-true than from employers whose employees embezzle from company coffers. Anthony Chiofalo is an embezzling employee. Chiofalo embezzled more than $9 million from his employer! As reported in www.chron.com. When... [More]

Texas Theft Class for Man Who Escaped Cop Car

by Mike Miller December 28, 2012
Some people will do anything to keep from going to jail. Police thought they had this suspect. He was caught, cuffed, read his rights and thrown in the back of the squad car. The next thing they knew their squad car was gone. A handcuffed theft suspect left alone in a squad car managed to roll down... [More]

Deadbeat Mom Needs More Than a Texas Theft Class

by Mike Miller May 11, 2012
All of you who read me regularly know that nothing ticks me off more than abusing the elderly and children. We have a major problem in America these days where too many parents do not want to be actual parents. But the following story from www.kristv.com, takes this to an entirely new level. Not on... [More]

Cattle Thieves Need Alabama Theft Classes

by Mike Miller February 2, 2012
Nothing is sacred when it comes to theft. From cemeteries and rail yards to Uncle Barney’s farm, thieves are out to take whatever they can. But when it comes to stealing cattle, the modern day thieves ain’t no rustlers! Thomas Smith, a rancher in Alabama had 12 head of cattle stolen on ... [More]

Mayor Needs Theft Class

by Mike Miller September 5, 2011
All too often we hear about politicians embezzling funds or getting arrested for a driving under the influence violation. The latest victim is Kinloch Mayor Keith Conway who was arrested on a federal indictment accusing him of funding vacations and personal expenses with public money. His response ... [More]

Texas Theft Class Not Needed for Raccoon Thief

by Mike Miller August 11, 2011
In my last blog I asked the question “when is a theft more than just a theft.” Now I ask, “can a theft, not really be stealing?” An Act of Compassion It all began with an act of compassion by a concerned human being looking out for an animal, and I must add – doing he... [More]

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